Venganoor Panchayath in complete support of the project.

On a visit to Swasthi Foundation office, the President and Vice President of Venganoor Panchayath affirmed their support and wholehearted appreciation for the Revive Vellayani Project. Both the people’s representatives were in complete sync with the concept and were eagerly looking forward to the action to begin.

G S Sreekala

” It is really great that right minded people have now taken up the cause of a stricken lake. It is truly a God given and it saddens us who live around the lake to see it being destroyed by human greed and neglect”‘ were the word of the President of the Panchayath , G S Sreekala. She was completely in praise for the efforts.

Venganoor Satheesh
Vice President

“The misguided action of the past has now come to haunt this most beautiful of all natural resources of Trivandrm District. There has been serious encroachments and defacement of the lake over the years and it needs to be remedied now”, quoted Vice President Venganoor Satheesh.

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