T M Jacob Memorial Foundation with support for the effort to revive Vellayani Lake

“Water was a resource that has always been taken for granted by the common man in the gifted land of Kerala. Bountiful rainfall, fresh-water bodies aplenty, natural drains…. – nature had built a perfect eco-system. The perennial greenery of the land was ample proof . But with the greenery making way for high rises and streams covered to build highways, the once stable ecology has been ripped apart and water bodies tainted. Vellayani Lake is a case to the point. Report after dusty report has heaped upon countless office desks, with” perfect solution” to the revival of the lake. But sadly the solution stays on paper and pretty much nothing on the ground

Trustee, T M Jacob Memorial Foundation

That is why Revive Vellayani is a project with a difference. The project gets its hands dirty even as it creates some crucial studies. The de-weeding and subsequent beautification of the lake, with clear cut success indicators and time frames, shows the action oriented plan, rather than just a research project. The fact that some of the most notable Government, Semi-Government and Local Self Government bodies have collaborated with a large number of corporate bodies and social organizations is a clear indicator of the mass approval for this proactive approach. Swasthi Foundation , the initiators of this ‘need of the day’ mission and all those associating with this needs to be applauded for this.” .

These were the words of Adv Ambili Jacob, daughter of Late Sri T M Jacob, the much loved ex-minister, legislator, politician and social worker. She is a trustee of T M Jacob Memorial Foundation. Adv Ambili has expressed her appreciation and indicated that the foundation she represents would be interested in joining hands with the Revive Vellayani Mission.