Royal Support

HH Pooyam Thirunal Gowri Parvathi Bayi, of the Travancore Royal Family and an ardent supporter for all of Swasthi Foundation’s major drives, was in complete support for the Revive Vellayani drive. At a meeting held at Kowdiar Palace with the Executive Team of Revive Vellayani, she minced no words in her criticism for the unscrupulous encroachments of wetland areas and the wanton disregard and apathy of the administration and the general public in matters of Nature Protection.

During the hour long discussion, she reminisced about the days when nature dictated a healthy way of life, built around natural endowments. Today’s synthetic lifestyles have thrown common sense out of the window for a pretentious and all the more unhealthy trends in life. Her comments on the importance of groundwater were illuminating and eye opening ones.

She was forthcoming in her appreciation for the planned operation to Revive Vellayani and urged the project executives to extend its envelope beyond the boundaries of the Vellayani Lake. In the short video attached she has expressed her optimism and foreseen an almost complete revival of the lake and eventually many more such wetlands,.

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