Rescuers to the Rescue of Lake Vellayani

A Hemachandran , DGP of Kerala Fire and Rescue Service

Kerala Fire and Rescue Service is on the mission too, this time they step in to support the revival of a precious and truly vital natural endowment – Lake Vellayani. The destruction of a natural water body due to human intervention is not a new affair with most of earth’s natural water bodies either polluted, diverted for commercial purposes or inundated by waste. However Revive Vellayani project intends to be the unique mission to reverse the situation.

“Reviving the Lake will be no mean feat”‘quoted , A Hemachandran , DGP of Kerala Fire and Rescue Service. “However if this succeeds, it will be history in the making. The fact that we no have a feasible action plan to bring this lake back to its original state, is in itself is an immense headway for the protection of the Lake. The plan when complete leaves us with the option of preventing the inundation of the lake by waste and sludge, clogging by weeds, and stopping the plastic disposal that has taken up a sizable area of the lake”.

With the joining of forces with the rescue force of the state, the quest to revive Vellayani takes a quantum leap forward. The need of the hour to rope in the most organised of cadres in the State. This is has been realized with the Fire Force , as it was called earlier joins the ranks.

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