Parvathy Hospital joins Vellayani revival in its healthcare activities

Parvathy Hospital, Balaramapuram, has joined hands with Revive Vellayani mission, in a bid to give back to the city its vital source of drinking water. Drinking water is probably the chief maker or breaker of public health. This perennial source of drinking water, now contaminated by noxious waste is a serious cause of ill health and needs to be attended to urgently. At this juncture the joining of hands with a hospital totally committed to the cause of public health, gives Revive Vellayani a quantum leap forward.

Dr Karthika Premlal
Managing Director

“Parvathy Hospital is committed for Health of the community Safe water is essential for a healthy living Parvathy Hospital is joining hands with Swasthi Foundation in this Great and Noble venture”, says Dr Karthika Premlal, Managing Director,

This joining of hands with a well known Hospital has given the mission added clout and now has a true healthcare partner in it.

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