Kalliyoor Panchayat throws in their lot

The most affected Panchayath, that has been at the receiving end of all adverse activities at Vellayani, Kalliyoor was well represented at a meeting at Swasthi Foundation Office when the President and Welfare Standing Committee Chairman met with Revive Vellayani Project Officers and reaffirmed their support for the revival mission. In their own words , this was a project long overdue.

R Jayalekshmi

“The paddy fields of Pandarakkari, Kanjirakkari and Manjadikkari are all vital parts of the erstwhile areas of Vellayani Lake. The Revive Vellayani project is an answer to our prayers and we are looking forward eagerly to the active cleaning of the Lake”, she voiced with emotion. It is not long before the Lake is brought back to its old glory, if we were to go by the backing we received from the local end

P Padmakumar
Welfare Standing committee

P Padmakumar the Chairman of the Welfare Standing Committee, in a strongly worded statement said” Vellayani has been at the receiving end of human intervention and encroachment. The stance of earlier Governments that allowed land deeds to encroached land is a decision that has come back to haunt us now. Buying back this land, creating a buffer zone of at least fifty meters and dredging the lake to increase its depth is the only sustainable solution”. His word were echoed by the Panchayath President Smt R Jayalakhsmi.

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