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About Revive Vellayini Project

About Revive Vellayini Project

Bring Wetlands Back To Life

An initiative of Swasthi Foundation

The Cause

  • Human Pollutants like plastic and poultry waste being dumped into the lake
  • Introduction of Invasive alien species of water plants and fishes like aquarium fishes
  • Lack of environmental awareness amongst local population
  • Lack of exhaustive bio diversity and environmental studies to rely on for counter measure


Project Co-ordinators

Chief Co-ordinator

 P. Bala Kiran,IAS  the Chief coordinator of Revive Vellayani. Is the new  Director of Kerala Tourism. Prior to this he served as the Director of Kerala State IT Mission, District Collector Kannur and Director of Panchayat Department. He is a recipient of National Award for Best Electoral Practices of Election Commission of India from Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Hon’ble President of India, for the ‘Innovative Measures’ implemented in Kannur during the Assembly Elections in 2016. He is also a recipient of National Award for his ‘Barrier-Free Kannur’ project from Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, for his contributions towards ensuring a barrier-free environment in the district and thereby making it accessible to the differently-abled sections of the society. He has also won the ‘Best District Collector of Kerala’ Award in 2016 from Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala for his outstanding work as District Collector of Kannur. Before joining IAS, he worked as Missile Scientist in DRDO, Hyderabad, for four years and was selected for IPS (Punjab Cadre) in 2007. A 2008 batch Indian Administrative Service officer hailing from Hyderabad, Mr. Bala Kiran started his civil service career as Assistant Collector of Kozhikode and then took over as Sub-Collector of Thiruvalla and Kasaragod. He is an alumnus of IIT Madras and an M.Tech holder in Computer Science and Engineering. 

Abey George  – Chief Coordinator( Gen Secretary, Swasthi Foundation)

Abey George, Gen Secretary, Swasthi Foundation is the key initiator of the drive and is named the Project Coordinator , the overall policy maker of the project . “The need for the conservation of Natures bounties is of paramount importance. This lake is the source of drinking water and the perennial water hole for the City. We have to actively intervene to save the lake.”. Swasthi Foundation the initiators of the project is one of the best known charitable organizations in Kerala involved in healthcare, education, environment protection, welfare of differently able etc..It has always been committed to the cause of nature and the protection of the ecology”. The Project Coordinator is the representative of the initiator Swasthi Foundation, the overall controlling body of the project

Swasthi Foundation is a well known charitable organization that has made its presence felt in the social welfare, healthcare and environment protection scenario in Kerala….Read More


Dr K Inbasekar IAS Coordinator ( Sub Collector, Thiruvananthapuram)

Dr K Inbasekar’s career graph would make the most inspirational reading to young aspirants for Civil Services. B.Sc. Agriculture at the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University Coimbatore, , M.Sc. Agricultural Economics at Hyderabad  , a scientist in the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. today a Civil Servant holding the position of Sub Collector of Trivandrum District Administartion, Dr Inbasekar with his background in Agriculture and ardent love for Nature id perhaps the best person to adorn the post of Co-ordinator of Revive Vellayani.

S N Reghuchandran Nair – Convener( President, Trivandrum Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

Vellayani Lake has the potential of being the most usable fresh water source of Trivandrum. It needs to be protected, urgently and this need can never be over emphasized. Todays water needs are likely to double or treble in a matter of years and the crisis will be critical.. 

Maneesh Bhaskar, Convener, (CEO, Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society)    

The need to protect the water bodies, especially those with fresh potable water  is of paramount importance and needs to be emphasized to all. This is a point that should be driven  into the minds of all, especially the newer generations.. Revive Vellayani is a project that not only saves a lake but is a path breakers. The thought of giving back to nature what is rightly hers is an adventure on its own.


Technical Advisor

Dr P Rajendran

Dr. P. Rajendran , fChief Investigator of Revive Vellayani was the former Vice-Chancellor of the Kerala Agricultural University . An alumnus of the Kerala Agricultural University, Dr. Rajendran was serving as the Director of Project Planning and Monitoring Cell (PPM Cell) of the state Government before being appointed as Vice-Chancellor. Dr. Rajendran, took B.Sc. (Agriculture) as well as M.Sc. (Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry) and Ph.D. from KAU. He began his career as a teacher in 1979 and was working at the College of Agriculture, Vellayani till 2002 before being posted as MD of Kerala Land Development Corporation. In 2006 he was appointed as the Director of PPM Cell in the State Department of Agriculture




S Gopinath IPS- Principal Investigator


     S Gopinath IPS, the principal investigator, is a former Inspector General of Kerala Police, who had a service history of  great acclaim. He was previously a key component of the Indian Volley Ball Team  A man with wide ranging interests, his interest in environmental issues, have made him take proactive steps in restoration of Water Bodies like Aakulam and Vellayani.

“Water bodies, especially wetlands are the lungs of the earth. The water and the greenery, beyond being great spots for relaxation are also the living  and breathing apparatus of the earth” 




 Head of  Revive Vellayani QualityManagement
Dr Parvathy Prasad. Managing Director, Bioroot Exploration India Pvt Ltd

Bioroot Exploration India Pvt Ltd is a startup company in the field of Medical Biotechnology consisting of a group of young scientists fully dedicated and well exposed to advanced research both in India and abroad.with a clear vision and mission of offering innovative and affordable medicines and facilities to improve the quality of life. Waste management at thepoint of production and conversion in the usable by product is an area we operate.




At The Threshold

Vellayani Lake

This rich wetland, once the home of abundance of  Flora and Variant Fauna, the second largest wetland and fresh water lake in Kerala, is on the thresland of an untimely demise. This would be a major offset to the fragile eco-system and  will affect the livelihood and age old lifestyle adversely. It can be said in all fairness that a large percentage of the lake surface is  has been covered by weeds, some of which are of foreign origin and unsuitable for the unique environment of the lake. The lake is already lost its visitation of a large number of migratory birds.


Past Experience of Participating in any Programmes

  1. Sukhino Bhavanthu an environment protection project run in collaboration with schools, police force, city corporation , department of Agriculture and various residents associations
  2. Snehathalam a Cancer detection project that has already screened over one and a half lakh people.
  3. Rakshaka Raksha a project that takes care of the health care of policemen and their families
  4. Snehajwala a project that is aimed at training women of kKerala in Self Defense.
  5. Snehajyothi a project aimed at developing the cultural and sporting skills in differently abled children
  6. Sneha Sagaram a special project for the brave fishermen of Kerala who saved lives during the flood, taking care of the health of them and families.

Revive Vellayani

About The Lake

Vellayani Lake is a rich wetland that was once the home of abundance of Flora and Variant Fauna, the second largest wetland and fresh water lake in Kerala. This lake is on the threshold of an untimely demise. This would be a major offset to the fragile eco-system and will affect the livelihood and age old lifestyle adversely. It can be said in all fairness that a large percentage of the lake surface has been covered by weeds, some of which are of foreign origin and unsuitable for the unique environment of the lake. The lake is already lost its visitation of a large number of migratory birds. This eco-impact, while immediately unrecognizable, will surely create a huge environmental deficit to the already stretched ecology not only in the periphery of the; lake, but of the entire district.

The Project

The plans to revive the lake and to sustain its sanctity shall be a four pronged attack, on five, key root causes. The identified causes are 1) Weed Growth and Invasive Alien Species that threaten the native aquatic flora.  2) Using the lake to dump waste including non-degradable items.  3) Lack of awareness and sustainable interest among the ;local populace  4) Absence of a reliable bio diversity register  5) No serious attempt so  far to invoke the interest of International Conventions like RAMSAR CONVENTIONS.

The plan of action shall be:

  • Immediate action including (a) the de-weeding of the lake. (b) Immediate and effective prevention of dumping waste in the lake (c) Involving the local populace in the activities…
  • Run awareness campaigns in the locale and in schools in the district to spread the message of environmental protection, and more locally, the importance of the preservation of the lake.
  • Create a well-documented and photo and video graphed bio diversity register for perusal and a referral point for the future.
  • Creating sustainable lake centric livelihood, among the local population, to ensure sustained local involvement in the protection of the lake.

The removal of weed shall start in the month of May 2019. The process shall involve both manual and mechanised clearing. Revive Vellayani has reached an agreement with ManProp Pvt Ltd, with regards the mechanised de-weeding of the lake of all Alien Invasive Species like the Water Hyacinth and Molasses.

The removed weeds would be used in two ways

  • Composting the weed with local help to produce manure and biogas
  • For creation of Value added Products (Workshops are planned to be held to train local populace in the making of these products. Revive Vellayani has sought and have been promised assistance in this by Aquatic Weeds Centre, headed by Dr Nagendra Prasad.)

The creation of a Biodiversity Register that will create a bio map of the fauna and flora of the lake. Plans are also afoot to create a video document for the lake to enable the listing of the Lake as a Ramsar Site. The progress shall be mapped and indexed and will be comprehensive and comprehendible to even laymen enthusiasts.

Bio Remediation will be implemented to prevent regrowthof weeds and to ensure purity of water. M/s SURAZ TECH has been entrusted the responsibility of remedying the lake using non chemical, biological agent.





Kadakampally Surendran, Minister For Tourism & Devaswom

Working ChairmanChairman

M Vincent, MLA, Kovalam

Vice Chairman Dr Shashi Tharoor MP

General Convener

V Sivankutty Chairman ( Ex MLA), Chairman KILE


Maneesh Bhashar, CEO, Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society.


S N Reghuchandran Nair, President Trivandrum Chamber of Commerce


Venganoor Satheeh (Vice  President Venganoor Panchayat)

Project Advisor

T K A Nair IAS (Retd Principal Secretary to the PM)

Project Advisor

P H Kurien IAS (Retd Additional Chief Secretary

 Gen Secretary

Jacob Punnoose   IPS (Fmr. DGP &State Ploce Chief,)and Chairman Swasthi Foundation

 Chief Co-ordinator

Balakiran IAS (Director Tourism)


S Gopinath IPS (Fmr. IG of Kerala Police & Trustee Swasthi Foundation)


 Dr Inbasekhar IAS RDO Trivandrum

Chief Co-ordinator

Abey George (Gen Secretary, Swasthi Foundation)

Convener , Water Sports and fitness

Sanjayan Kumar IAS

Joint Administrator, Water Sports and fitness

Dr G Kishore Director SAI & Principal LNCPE)


Fr Mathew Chakkalakkal ( Principal, Christ Nagar Seconday School, Thiruvallam)

Joint Convener Technical Sub Committee

Maju Balakrishnan

Chief Investigator

Prof Dr P Rajendran

Principal Investigator 

  1. S Gopinath IPS

Joint Convener, Survey & Research Sub Committee


Joint Convener,  Water Sports and fitness Sub Committee

V V Vinodkumar

Joint Convener, , Campaign

Dr G V Hari

Joint Convener, Campaign

Koliyoor Suresh

Joint Convener, Campaign

Adv Punchakari Ravi

Joint Convener,, De-weeding & Beautification

Adv Dimple Mohan

Joint Convener,, Campaign

Dr G L Muraleedharan

Joint Convener,, De-weeding & Beautification

V Karthiyayani

Joint Convener,,Campaign

Gokul Govind

Joint Convener, Campaign

Hari Krishnan

Joint Convener,, Campaign

Ambili Jacob

Joint Convener,, Health Sub Committee

Dr Chandramohan

Joint Convener,, Health Sub Committee

Dr Devin Prabhakar

Joint Convener,, Health Sub Committee

Dr Anupama

Joint Convener,, Health Sub Committee

Dr Karthika Gopan

Events Co-ordinator

N V Ajith

Events Co-ordinator

R S Shibu

Events Co-ordinator

Deepu S G


Mohan Pillai


Trivandrum District Administration, State Wetlands Authority of Kerala,Kerala Police, Fire and Rescue Services of Kerala, T M Jacob Memorial Trust, Citizens India Foundation, Change Can Change Climate Change, College of Agriculture, Vellayani ,S N United Mission,  SAI-LNCPE, Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School, Thiruvallam, SMRV School,Habitat Technology Group, Parvathy Hospital Balaramapuram, Santhigiri Ashram, Kerala Police Senior Officers Association, Kerala Police Officers Association , Thiruvananthapuram Advocates Housing Co-operative Society Ltd,  Rotary Club of Trivandrum West,  Ayyankali Jalolsava Committee, FRAT, and CIMR, Media Partner – Metro Manorama, Trivandrum

Radio Partner- RED FM 93.5 Mission Partner, Divya Prabha Eye Hospital

PR & Media Committee

  • Dr G V Hari
  • Dr G L Muraleedharan
  • Gokul Govind
  • Adv Dimple Mohan
  • Ajith N V
  • Koshy Thomas
  • Mohan Pillai (PRO)
  • Deepu S G
  • Hanshi Vinodkumar V V
  • Any updates regarding Revive Vellayani Campaign will be issued by the PRO of Swasthi Foundation, with prior approval of the media committee constituted expressly for this purpose. Government publicity mechanism may issue their updates as per requirement, with regard their involvement or any statutory requirement.
  • Periodic updates will be issued and clarifications if any need to be referred to Swasthi Foundation Media Committee or the PRO of Revive Vellayani Media Committee.

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