Adarsh Prathap

Bring Wetlands Back To Life

The Story of a Mobile Pic

Adarsh Prathap – Principal investigator

Adrash Prathap

Adarsh Prathap , a post graduate student of Agriculture College, Vellayani, , accidentally chanced upon a routine circular on the college notice board inviting contestant for Ramsar Global Photo contest in connection with Wetlands Conservation Day . He send a hastily taken photograph, he had previously , taken on his mobile phone, which received Global Award and much reviews. Thus began his interest in Wetland Conservation, that led him on a worldwide sojourn with Wetland Conservationists and to the hinterland of Pantanal in Brazil to make a research document of the world’s largest wetlands. He was an award winner in the UNFCCC youth videos and was given the honorary post of youth reporter of COP23, Germany. He also won an National Award for, best On Spot Science Film.

His sojourn and the his subsequent contribution to Wetland Conservation Efforts have landed him on the subject related news. He is a well-recognized SME in Wetlands Conservation, and his area of interest is the Vellayani Lake in Trivandrum.  Appended below are links to his various studies, initiatives and news item