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Bring Wetlands Back To Life



A Swasthi Foundation Initiative

Three Phased Program

The Project progress is slated to be advance on a three phase manner

Research & Documentation

Creation of a reasearched , photographed and documented study to define a precise course of action.

De-weeding of the Lake

Periodic Mechanised  and Manual cleaning of the lake suraface to remove  Water Hyacinth, Molasses and and Lotus

Sustainable Beautification

Creation of a no encroach zone by creation of a walkway with greenery and aimed at developing tourisn potential.


Revive Vellayani follows four essential level protocols, in keeping with local adaptation and ensuring public involvement .

Lake Cleaning and Maintenance on a periodic basis

  • Immediate Plan of action  include (a) the de-weeding of the lake. (b) Immediate and effective prevention of dumping waste in the lake (c) Involving the local populace in the activities…
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Public Involvement and Awareness Drives at the peripery of the Lake

  • Run awareness campaigns in the locale and in schools in the district to spread the message of environmental protection, and more locally, the importance of the preservation of the lake.
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Biodiversity Photo Register and Video Documentation of Lake Vellayani

  • Create a well-documented and photo and video graphed biodiversity register for perusal and a referral point for the future. A video document with current  progress and dairies .
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Sustainable Income and Value Addition of water weeds

  • Creating sustainable lake centric livelihood, among the local population, to ensure sustained local involvement in the protection of the lake. Wealth from Weeds theme to elicit local support
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Vellayani wetlands and lake restoration to its original state, devoid of refuse dumped, free of  alien species and protected by the people on its poeriphery and general public Watch our Video
To restore Vellayani Lake and wetland to its original state through de weeding,, public awareness campaigns and involvement of public, students aadministration, and  local population Watch Our News
Fragile eco systems shall be protected from human encroachments or waste disposal, and protected by a public ,that is fully aware of the consequences of destruction to sustain the effort Join Contest

De-Weeding of the Lake

Bio Diversity Study and register Public Awareness Drives at Local Level Ensuring Student Involvement Sustainable Livelihood Programmes for Local Inhabitants WATCH THEME VIDEO

Royal Message

HH Pooyam Thirunal Gowri Parvathi Bayi, of the Travancore Royal Family and an ardent supporter for all of Swasthi Foundation’s major drives, was in complete support for the Revive Vellayani drive.HH Pooyam Thirunal Gowri Parvathi Bayi, of the Travancore Royal Family and an ardent supporter for all of Swasthi Foundation’s major drives, was in complete support for the Revive Vellayani drive.

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Project Initiation & Administration

Project is an initiative of Swasthi Foundation, and  Kerala State Govt, Venganoor & Kalliyoor Panchayaths .supported by Trivandrum District Administration, Kerala Police, Fire and Rescue Services of Kerala, T M Jacob Memorial Foundation, Statw Wetlands Authority of Kerala(SWAK), ,Citizens India Foundation, CLIMATEHOOD,  ,S N United Mission,  SAI-LNCPE, Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School, Thiruvallam, ,Venus Gas Agency,Parvathy Hospita-Balaramapuram,  Kerala Police Senior Officers Association, Kerala Police Officers Association ,Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society,  , Ayyankali Jalolsava Committee, FRAT, Kannamthanam Group. & Matprop Services Pvt L

Mission Partner, Divya Prabha Eye Hospital

Revive Vellayani

Let’s hold hands for this great purpose. It involves absolutely no fund raising and will be based on voluntary participation of those with a will to protect a invaluable natural resource. Come and join hands with Revive Vellayani to save our lake for the newer generations.


Revive Vellayani has recieved countless messages of support for its mission to clean up the lake and to beautify it . Here are some of the most famous voices

His Excellency Arif Mohammed Khan Governor of Kerala

Revive Vellayani is a positive approach to the protection of a valuable wetland. A loss of such a water body would be a loss no ecosystem can bear.

Justice (Retd.) P Sathasivam Fmr Governor of Kerala

I am very happy to note that Swasthi Charitable Foundation, Nanthancode, has been leading  campaign..

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Sri Kadakampalli Surendran Hon Minister for Tourism and Devaswom

TheVellayani Lake is the legacy of the people of Trivandrum, and the water invaluable for the City

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Dr Shashi Tharoor Member of Parliament, Thiruvananthapuram

Lets work together with Swasthi Foundation and bring this precious lake back to its old glory, making it a path breaker for  other such lakes and water bodies

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TKA Nair IAS, Former Principal Secretary , PMO

Swasthi Foundation desrves congratulation for its attempt to Revicve the Vellayani Fresh Water Lake in Trivandrum…

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Loknath Behera IPS, DGP & State Police Chief

Swasthi Foundation has undertaken a very ambitious mission to Revive Vellayani to its former state. I had visited

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Dr K Vasuki, District Collector Trivandrum

As an integral part of Thiruvanathapuram, the project of reviving the Vellayani Lake, is much appreciated. The Project ..

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M.Vincent MLA Kovalam, 
Working Chairman

The people of the Vellayani vicinity depend on this fresh water lake for water, for drinking, cooking and agriculture and this lake cand scarce be allowed to die..

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Kummanam Rajasekharan, Ex Governor, Mizoram

The protection of wetlands is a necessity for the coming generations. It is a safe gaurd against water scarcity

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V Sivankutty ex MLA

IWhat was one a 1000 acre lake, which aided the local population , has now been reduced to la mere 427 acre stretch of fresh water wetlands ….

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Mamta Mohandas Beand Ambassdor. Swasthi Foundation

Come on Guys. Lets Revive Vellayan, lest we lose this water source forever. Join Hands with us to Save Vellayani

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Stephen Devassy Brand Ambassdor Swasthi Foundation

In this age of water shortage it is most necessary to protect our water bodies.. The cause of Vellayani is at the forefront

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Dr G Kishore, Principal LNCPE

Vellayani Lake was on.ce a hub of activities buit had declined to disusenow.It is time we rectified this or lose the lake forever.

V V Rajesh , BJP Trivandrum District President

The protection of the Vellayani Lake is a mission which is probably the most important safeguard  we need to ensure…

Daksha Sheth Dancer and Founder Dakha Sheth Dance Company

I have lived close this Lake for twenty five  years and  been viewing the sad  fate that….

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Isha Sherwani Dancer and Movie Artiste

Vellayani has been our home for nearlytwo decades. Today the lake is covered by weeds and  we need to act urgently to preserve it

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Local Self Government Involvement

Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Venganoor Panchayath, Kalliyoor Panchayath

Trivandrum District Panchayat  fully supports the Revive Vellayani Campaign

Adv D Suresh Kumar

President, Trivandrum District Panchayat

The City Corporation  is wholly behind the attempt to Revive the Lake and clean and beautify  the lake and surroundings

K Sreekumar


Ex-Mayors Message

It is definitely heartening to note that natural resources are on the list of priorities  for Swasthi Foundation

Adv Rakhi Ravikumar

Deputy Mayor

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A dream of the people around the Lake to have it cleaned and in it’s pristine beauty  We will support the program in every way

G S Sreekala

President Venganoor Panchayath

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Lake has faced all sorts of defacements, encroachment and waste dunping. The de weeding will be a great start for tomorrow

Venganoor Satheesh

Vivce President Venganoor Panchayath

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The Revive Vellayani project is an answer to our prayers. We  look forward eagerly to  active cleaning of the Lake

R Jayalakshmi President


Kalliyoor Panchayath Watch Video
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